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Together with my primary collaborators, Dr. Eran Halperin and Dr. Michal Reifen-Tagar, we have launched an applied center at the IDC, which today constitutes a large portion of our work. The center is aimed at applying the theoretical knowledge that we produce in our labs in order to benefit society. We work with social change organizations, critically informing the development of interventions and promoting understandings of the processes of change that many of these social organizations aim to promote. Moreover, such cooperation enable us to investigate our interventions in the field, over time, and across diverse contexts – thus contributing both to practice and to research. Read here more about the applied center and here about a recent project we advised. See below an example of a large-scale initiatives we are involved in.

Increasing Employment of Arab Population in Israel 

Employment of the Arab population is a major challenge for the Israeli society and economy. Big disparities between Jews and Arabs in Israel in the rate of unemployment, fields of employment and levels of income are detrimental to the Israeli economy and erode social solidarity. Together with our applied center, we are partnering with a ground-scale initiative aimed at creating a breakthrough in the business sector with regards to employment of Arabs. We advise the entire process, develop and implement relevant workshops in organizations, and assist in designing practical models that will support businesses implement employment of Arabs as part of their internal business measurable goals. See more here.

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